It's "Easy" just move a wall, replace your countertops, reroute some electrical wires

Move the oven and microwave, replace all the floors, install some custom cabinets and a new pantry

Add some penny tile for a backsplash, then install a couple of LED recessed lights, and you're done.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For a Townhouse in Kingstowne Va

Kitchen Remodeling Kingstowne Va


Let's Start With a Little Demolition

This kitchen sits at the back of the townhouse and had a very obstructive wall in the center of the room. This wall consisted of cabinets the pantry, oven, and microwave so we updated the electrical wiring, and moved it across the room. The wood floors were damaged by some flooding so the homeowner decided to replace both the wood and tile floors to create a uniform look. khi 

New Quartz Counter Tops and Backsplash

New Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash 

We replaced the old granite countertops with white quartz countertops that have light gray swirls in them. The granite had too many chips in it from years of service so the homeowner wanted a more durable material. We added a penny tile backsplash and painted the cabinets a new color. The room already had some recessed lights so we just added a few more to even them out across the two rooms that are now combined into one.  

Open Kitchen Floor Plan

New Tile Floors Across the Kitchen and Dining Room

Removing the wall during this renovation made this townhouse feel like a new home but adding this hexagon tile brought it all together. Installing a new tile floor like this takes longer to install than square tile but they created a very unique look that makes this room pop. The black grout makes the white tile stand out and takes less maintenance to keep it looking fresh. 

Kitchen Before Remodeling

Custom Pantry Made By A Local Legend 

The homeowner needed to create some additional storage space after we removed the cabinets in the center of the room. The only available space was just behind the basement stairs so the homeowner was lucky enough to get a custom pantry created by now-retired Custom Cabinetmaker Phil Conaty.

Kitchen After Remodeling





Full Kitchen Remodel